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As owner and Creative Director of Design Studio Nuovo, Frank Nuovo brings an exciting 25 years of product design and brand development into sharp focus.

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A great deal has unfolded since his start in the mid 80’s as Designer and Design Director for BMW/Designworks/USA. Honing his design, strategy and branding skills there led to the invitation from Nokia to build and lead their first in-house design organization. Nuovo’s unique brainchild, Vertu, is Nokia’s globally successful and rapidly growing brand of luxury communication devices which pioneered an entirely new market category.

His 22 years of design leadership with Nokia has resulted in scores of award-winning designs and leads the industry in innovations and sales, including the best selling mobile phone of all time. The Nokia 1100 series, which has sold over 250 million units as of 2010, is also widely credited as the best selling consumer electronics device in history. Nuovo’s watch as Nokia’s Chief of Design was a busy one, resulting in over 450 million products created each year by 2004 and a sustained global market share hovering around 38 percent.

In 2006, Nuovo decided to step aside from his role as Nokia’s Chief of Design to develop his own product and brand ideas. In addition to cultivating independent projects, Nuovo proudly continues his role as Vertu's Principal Designer and key brand spokesperson.

Reflecting on his career so far, Nuovo states “I have been fortunate to participate in the creation of historically significant advances in the merging of technology with human centered design. Collaborating with extraordinary talents in design, marketing and other disciplines, both as consultant and in corporate settings, has been a rewarding journey. Now, while heading my own firm, I am thrilled to be able to continue hands-on design with Vertu and, at the same time, compliment that work with the exploration of other compelling and creative opportunities. My passion for design remains the same: to create distinctive solutions, rich in both functional and stylistic quality. Achieving design excellence demands enduring solutions that make each of life’s stages more enjoyable, meaningful and simply more delightful to the senses."

From his company’s studio in Southern California, Nuovo’s approach to business and design is surely a global one, supporting Vertu’s design and marketing team in the U.K. and around the world as well as his other various business ventures in the U.S. and abroad.

Nuovo would be pleased to discuss your strategic design needs. These include select design and brand development projects, leading creativity and innovation workshops and keynote speaking engagements.

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